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Wyeast Mountain is the highest point in the M Archipelago.  The Wyeast Caverns are located within the mountain and serve as the headquarters to Hogart, son of Incubus.


Fall of Hogart[]

Whitney and Bandit happened upon Hogart while searching for the Garnet Key Platform.  Bandit was captured and spirited away to theIncubus Subterrane, however Whitney was able to overcome Hogart and his men, defeating them while also activating the platform.

Jade Kidnaps Roman[]

While activating the Garnet Key Platform, Jade successfully captures Roman Valentine.

In the Beta Reality, Avery and Adrian are assigned the caverns, and when Jade shows up, she captures Adrian.

Patch Kills Kellam[]

Kellam is decapitated by Patch while activating the Garnet Key Platform with Landon and Nexus.

In the Beta Reality, Jack Winters and Avery activate the Platform and are able to evade Patch.

Notable Residents[]