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The Nightscape (also knows as the Shadowscape) is the realm of Nightmares that exists parallel to the Dreamscape.  It is home to shadow counterparts of all the people of the Dreamscape, including the Dream Keepers from the real world.  

The only way to transverse between the dimensions of the Dreamscape and the Nightscape is via an ancient Book of Spells.  Morpheus attempts to cast a spell that would change the Dreamscape into the Nightscape though he is thwarted by Roman Valentine and the Dream Keepers.  In the Alpha Reality however, Morpheus is successful.  


Dark Vestamaine

Dark M Islands

Dark Korvahlis

Notable Residents[]

Night Keepers[]

Morpheus Winter Patch
Tempest Vouge Spite

Dark Vestamaine[]

Dark M Islands[]

Shadow Priestess Mallek Rosato

Dark Korvahlis[]