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Deception Woods is a location on Deception Island within the M Archipelago.  It often serves as a secret or temporary headquarters to the Dreamkeepers.

Other Incarnations[]

Beta Deception Woods[]

The Beta Reality version of the woods.

Snow Fields[]

The Shadowscape version of the woods, which are not a forest at all but are instead a barren tundra.

Beta Snow Fields[]

The Beta Reality version of the barren Snow Fields.


The Sapphire Key Platform[]

The Sapphire Key Platform was first activated by Roman and Avery.

Hogart's Tornado[]

While activating the Sapphire Key Platform, Whitney and Avery are captured by Hogart.

In the Beta Reality, Roman explores the Woods alone, however he runs into a time displaced Bandit.  She manages to fool Roman into believing she's the Beta Bandit and rushes off.  Hogart's tornado then sweeps Roman away to the Incubus Subterrane.

Tiffany Lost in Time[]

Patch tracks down Tiffany and Whitney and sends Tiffany back in time.  After Whitney successfully activates the Sapphire Key Platform, he captures her and takes her to the Incubus Subterrane.

In the Beta Reality, Whitney and Kellam are the ones to activate the platform, however both are captured by Patch.  (Kellam might be sent back in time depending on how things play out).  


Beta Reality (as of Dream Keepers VI)

Bandit Tiffany Easter Beta Kellam
Beta Landon Beta Priestess Beta Adrian
Beta Whitney

Alpha Reality (as of Dream Keepers VI)

Landon Silverond Whitney Deveraux Serena Savant
Deryn Eastbourne Princess Nexus