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The Coconut Highlands are an island plateau within the M Archipelago, located north of Avery Island.  Following the destruction of their original headquarters in Avery Town, the Dream Keepers decided to move their base of operations to the Coconut Highlands in hopes of luring enemy attacks away from populated regions.


Adrian's Death[]

While searching for the Emerald Key Platform in the Coconut Highlands, Adrian Steele was killed by one of Incubus' henchmen.

In the Beta Reality, Adrian avoids death by not confronting the henchmen.

Hogart Returns[]

When Hogart returns, Whitney Deveraux,Landon Silverond, and Avery activate the Emerald Key Platform to access the Incubus Subterrane.

In the Beta Reality, only Whitney and Landon activate the platform.  Avery is assigned to the Wyeast Caverns.

Death in the Highlands[]

Out of revenge over his mother's death, Hogart attacked the Keepers on their home turf and killed Jack Winters.  Shortly after, Patch infiltrated the team posing as a resurrected Adrian Steele.  He killed the Priestess and captured Roman Valentine.

In the Beta Reality, Patch posed as Adrian to cause mistrust and confusion among the captains, and though he did not kill the Priestess, he did kidnap her.

New Dream Keepers[]

To save Roman, The New Dream Keepers activated the Emerald Key Platform to access the Incubus Subterrane.

In the Beta Reality, Adrian, Bandit, and Landon activate the Emerald Key Platform.

Notable Residents[]

(as of Dream Keepers II - Dream Keepers IV)

Kellam Silverond Landon Silverond
Priestess Avery
Roman Valentine Jack Winters
Whitney Deveraux Bandit

Other Incarnations[]

Beta Coconut Highlands

Shadow Coconut Highlands

Beta Shadow Coconut Highlands