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The Beta Reality was created when Patch sent Quinn White back in time.  Quinn White, Roman Valentine, Tiffany Easter, and Bandit were all permanently placed into this reality without knowing that the Alpha Reality still existed.

Beta Reality Counterparts[]

Dream Keepers[]

Beta Hill Icon.jpg
Beta Kellam
Beta Priestess.jpg
Beta Priestess
Beta Landon Icon.jpg
Beta Landon
Beta Avery.jpg
Beta Avery
Beta Adrian Icon.jpg
Beta Adrian
Beta Bandit.jpg
Beta Bandit
Beta Roman.jpg
Beta Roman
Beta Jack.jpg
Beta Jack
Beta Whitney.jpg
Beta Whitney
Beta Nexus

Vestamaine Characters[]

Bow Icon.jpg
Beta Bow
Beta Celcia Icon.jpg
Beta Celcia
Beta Morpheus Icon.jpg
Beta Morpheus
Beta Lucas.jpg
Beta Lucas
Beta Fitz Icon.jpg
Beta Fitz
Maya Icon.jpg
Beta Maya
Jane Icon.jpg
Beta Jane
Beta Tina Icon.jpg
Beta Larraine
Beta Gilda Icon B.jpg
Beta Gilda
Tina Icon.jpg
Beta Tina

Korvahlis Characters[]

Beta Relic
Dihal Icon B.jpg
Beta Dihal
Owen Icon.jpg
Beta Owen
Beta Hill Icon B.jpg
Beta Hawthorne
Skeiron Icon.jpg
Beta Skeiron
Rook Icon.jpg
Beta Ember
Beta Maron Beta Celes Beta Relm
Beta Locke


Beta Incubus.jpg
Beta Incubus Beta Ardat Beta Hogart
Beta Jade Icon.jpg
Beta Jade
Beta Morpheus Icon.jpg
Beta Morpheus

Beta Locations[]

M Islands[]

Avery Island

Coconut Highlands

Wyeast Mountain

Deception Woods


Incubus Subterrane


Castle Vestamaine