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Avery Island is an island located in the M Archipelago.  It is home to the largest town the archipelago, Avery Town, which also served as headquarters to the Dream Keepers during their first adventure. The Amber Key Platform is located atop Amber Mountain, the highest point on Avery Island.

Notable Residents[]

(Dream Keepers I-II)

Priestess Landon Silverond
Kellam Silverond Avery
Roman Valentine Whitney Deveraux
Jack Winters Bandit
Adrian Steele


The Priestess and Luigi Captured![]

While the Priestess and the Silverond brothers were vacationing in Avery Town, Incubus appeared and kidnapped the Priestess.  Landon was also kidnapped while trying to intervene.

Jack's Kidnapping[]

While Jack, Roman, and Avery were activating the Amber Key Platform atop Amber Mountain, Jack was kidnapped by Incubus' men.  

In the Beta Reality , Jack is rescued by a time traveling Quinn White .

Hogart Returns[]

Hogart made his return to Avery Island and captured Kellam Silverond and Jack Winters, taking them to theIncubus Subterrane where he had taken over after his father's death.  Priestess, Bandit, and Roman Valentine activate the Amber Key Platform after a brief skirmish with Jade.

In the Beta Reality, Jack had gone missing and was not captured when Hogart attacked.  Only Priestess and Roman activate the Amber Key Platform, however the Priestess is captured by Jade.

Quinn Lost in Time[]

While activating the Amber Key Platform, Patch ambushed the Dream Keepers and cast a time warp enchantment upon Quinn, sending her into the time stream.

In the Beta Reality, Roman, Whitney, and Kellam are the group assigned to the Island, and Roman is the one transported into the past.